Three Legs of the Future Healthcare Stool

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Regardless of the changes in the Affordable Care Act that will be coming in 2017, some progressive medical practices have already been looking beyond next steps into the future in providing healthcare.

Here are the future changes that are underway:

Leg 1) It is no longer just about treating a patient; it is more about serving a customer. The new paradigm is that the patient’s needs should be considered, beyond the clinical ones, just like pleasing a customer.

Leg 2) It is no longer just about prescribing medicines; it is more about enhancing health. If the treatment causes more pain and suffering, the doctor needs to reconsider its prescription and find an alternative. Why do patients pick up ‘hospital’ infections after they are admitted? It is more about optimizing and customizing care rather than just prescribing by the manual.

Leg 3) It is no longer about drugs and technology; it is more about a healthy environment. Recovery and health is not always about a clinical intervention. Nonclinical support (social and community determinants) may play as important a role toward recovery from illness as the clinical. Knowing that someone cares about me can be more important than taking another pill.

The future care will include means to keep hospitals and providers from adding illnesses to patients. The future will include more holistic approaches — alternative medicines and treatments. These include homeopathic remedies and quantum medical treatments (that utilize stimulation of electrical frequencies along nerve pathways). These include supernatural, prayer and spiritual, modalities. The future approaches will be more inclusive of the patient’s environment (home, family, friends, community resources, like churches, gyms), i.e., social and community determinants. Effectively, it will include dealing with body, mind, spirit, and relationships for full healing. It will take a community to provide health care!

I can’t help but notice that these future changes appear familiar. It has the appearance of doctor/patient relationships of the past, when hurry-up was not the norm! A time when doctors made house calls and ‘really’ cared for the patient in their own surroundings. Deja vu?.

©Dr. Baldwin H Tom, FIMC

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