The Healthcare Challenge — Seeking Solutions At NAACOS 2016

Accountable Care Organizations team to provide better care, better health, and lower costs — profitably.

When I attended our national conferences, I had two goals in mind:
1. Learn what my competitors were doing so I could keep up. This way I could make incremental, transitional progress – a step by step progress toward improving
2. Understand what’s new on the horizon to be on the cutting edge This is transformational progress – disruptive innovation! After learning something radically different, I wouldn’t be following the same process I had before.

Virtually everyone is aware that healthcare is in dynamic flux; the government and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) continue to adjust their ideas for better health at lower cost. These ongoing changes cause consternation for healthcare providers. The Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) know significant challenges are upon them. With all of this change, all parties need to to circle the wagons to look for ways to defend or take proactive actions in order to survive. As the government and CMS continue to set out requirements and goals to improve healthcare that challenge the status quo of ACOs, the ACO enterprise is at a critical juncture. The National Association of ACOs (NAACOs) surveyed their members to assess their collective views about the shifting foundation of healthcare as dictated by the CMS.

The ACO survey focused on operational costs for ACOs, their ability to take on downside risks, and consideration of new CMS rules. Historically, ACOs have provided a way to avoid a patchwork approach in delivering healthcare. They have been innovative and risk-takers. However, because of the dynamic flux in the healthcare enterprise, ACOs need to be vigilant and understand the demands on their ability to provide quality services with manageable costs. Thus, an important focus of the NAACOs Fall 2016 Conference is to generate ideas to navigate the new requirements and identify a path for success. It’s also important to remember the goal of the ACOs: find either transitional and/or (disruptive) transformational ways to help keep up or leap ahead of competitors or challenges.

This conference has the strategic (collective) purpose to understand and deal with the changing healthcare landscape and the tactical (individual) purpose for each ACO to remain competitive. This conference will focus on three topic areas – pay, patient, and infrastructure issues. Networking and discussions will ensue to achieve these sets of purposes. It should be an exciting conference to continue the dialogue around how best to keep ACO’s financially and operationally healthy while providing seamless, patient-centered healthcare services.

Let us show you Disruptive Innovation in action as we demonstrate VBPMasterour instant, affordable Population Health Management infrastructure and MACRA solution at NAACOS 2016, Sept. 28-30 in Washington D.C. Please come visit us at Table #19 and we’ll walk you through our solution.

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