GeoDimensional Decision Group Announces USPTO Has Registered The Company’s Intractable Problems® And Intractable Problems Summit® Trademarks

WASHINGTON, DC – GeoDimensional Decision Group, LLC (GeoDD), a leader in OmniDatum analytics providing predictive options built upon solid metrics that guide decision makers to consensus, today announced that Reg. No. 4,638,769 “Intractable Problems®” and Reg. No. 4,638,770 “Intractable Problems Summit®” are now registered trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
This marks the beginning of GeoDD’s commitment to help Governments, Agencies and companies facilitate justifiable and sustainable solutions to complex challenges affecting society today. Our expertise in areas that include management, demographics and geospatial science can positively impact the biggest challenges in the areas of population health management, law enforcement, and the environment just to name a few. Future plans include facilitating meetings whereby the worlds experts will come together to solve society’s most complex problems.
GeoDD provides a method that collects information from big data, is based on user insights and leverages background expertise resulting in the creation of fact-based decisions. This method can produce decisions that include soft side inputs, such as non-quantitative issues, which are difficult to assess because there are no standard values for analysis. We use task- and people-side algorithms and formulas to generate decision options for complex, costly and often dangerous situations.
About GeoDimensional Decision Group:
GeoDD™ is a Washington, DC headquartered small business that provides a unique multi-dimensional approach using its KNOWSystem™ technology to leverage and integrate diverse inputs, both tangible and intangible, onto a geospatial framework to reveal decision options for complex problems.

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