[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It’s all about multidimensional (multimodality) visualization when one can view a target of interest through multiple means. In a recent article in the George Washington University Medical School’s gw hospital publication (www.gwhospital.com/neuro), it noted the hospital’s use of neuronavigation in neurosurgery. In reviewing a brain location for surgery, physicians are able to integrate a series of different views of the brain into a detailed composite map of the brain for physicians to review in advance of surgery. This makes navigating the brain for surgery much more precise, less invasive, with reduced risk — desirable advances!

In a similar vein, we have developed, through the GeoDimensional Decision Group, LLC (GeoDD), a new patent-pending process that utilizes multiple disparate sets of big data, which we call OmniDatum™, to provide a composite visual on a subject of interest. The resulting visual (table, 2D- or 3D-map) provides graphical information to make important decisions. The idea is that if one incorporates all the data that is potentially important in making a decision, then the decision will be a most complete fact-based one that can be discussed and defended. The GeoDD™ system thus utilizes both tangible (numerical), as well as intangible (non-numerical) data to develop the composite results.

GeoDD™ is valuable in providing spatially-based results when large amounts of data are advantageous in developing a decision, such as in siting a new corporate headquarter, improving the use of resources in combating HIV/AIDS, preventing crime through predictive policing, or anticipating (preparing for) a natural disaster.

Similar to the neuronavigation example, GeoDD™, because of the substantial data input, provides a clearer and more precise picture of the situation under consideration. For the implementers, this approach saves time, money, and resources. Importantly, it makes defending a decision much easier!

* Previously published on 23 June, 2013

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