The Business of Value Generation

Integration of 7 Capital Investments We characterize the seven capital investments, we named Magnificent-7 (M-7), into three categories: Those investments that have to do with people (who get work done), those around tasks (or how we get work done), and those that facilitate (link) people working on tasks. On the people side, there are Human…

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The Business of Healthcare

Magnificent-7: Pairing Capital Investments Running a business is about providing a service or product to make a profit. Without profit, a business fails to survive. Profit is made by earning more than spending. In our view, there are 7 places in a business where value is enhanced or lost. We have dubbed these places the…

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The Law of Business in Healthcare

Investments IN yields Returns OUT? The healthcare playing field has changed greatly and has placed new demands on healthcare providers such as Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). The new demands in turn shift the value of the organization as change disrupts all aspects of running a business. Getting paid for patient work is no longer as…

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