Our Team

The essence and complexity of humanity cannot be captured through mere calculation. A degree of insight that approaches revelation is necessary to adequately tackle any problem that includes people.


The ability to crunch data from complex spreadsheets and factor in geographic information as a means of understanding where your customers or constituents are has been a well-established practice for many years. However, our experience has shown us those methods still fall short of painting a picture that reflects the real world.

Why? Because geography and numbers alone do not adequately capture the aggregate impact of the people involved. Real, everyday aspects of our human existence such as emotions, preferences, biases and behaviors – what we refer to as the human dimension – is a factor that traditional data analysis typically fails to address. When taken in aggregate across the breadth of a given population – perhaps a community, city or county – this dimension becomes a powerful influence that can significantly shape the accuracy and impact of any analysis, as well as the decisions that it may inform.

In other words, people are far more complex than their geography alone can indicate.


Our vision is simple: we connect the dots in the data to discover the needles in the haystacks or to uncover what could not be seen before. We start with raw data and organize it into structured information. That information enables us to draw out relevant insights – from which we ultimately achieve the wisdom necessary to make truly informed decisions. Our social scientists and demographers insert human factors in addition to geography to unlock insights from your data that are fundamentally more accurate and powerful.

Through our CSI methodology and patented technologies, we are able to provide our clients with the complete picture that they need to reduce risk, achieve optimal efficiencies and ultimately make better, wiser decisions.

Founding Members

Working with you, we apply our collective vision to get to consensus and find the right solution. As a small business organization we have to work smarter to support customer needs. Partnering with our customers is the key ingredient that allows us to successfully execute across a wide range of disciplines. Our significant network of recognized Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) bring management and technical competency, resources and expertise to each assignment and present a large footprint covering a broad range of industries.


Baldwin Tom

Expertise in analyzing situational data and facilitating sustainable decisions resulting in solutions that integrate human dimensions with task-side implementation.

Greg Reinecke

Extensive geospatial expertise, technology identification, process implementation, data analysis, production services and business development.

Scott Stafford

Strategist who brings a multi-dimensional perspective to global problem solving and solutioning by leveraging big data from the perspective of social marketing and demography.

Powerful solutions that reflect today's world.